Terms And Conditions of Use

Welcome to Mrlipet.com – an e-commerce website for shopping for dog supplies, cat supplies, and bird supplies, and here we hope you have a great shopping time. Terms and Conditions of use are as follows:

All content included on the website, unless uploaded by users, is the property of www.mrlipet.com. In all terms and conditions, content includes but is not limited to Mrlipet products, products pics, videos, audio, data, software, hardware, or other forms.

1. You may, for your own personal, non-commercial use only, do the following:
View the website: www.mrlipet.com, buy something you like/your fur friends need or share the products you like with others by using social ( like FB/Twitter/INS/PIN…).

2. You can use this site in the following ways on the premise of your own personal use and non-commercial use only:
(1)Visit the website.
(2)Purchase products.
(3)Share products and websites.
(5)Ask questions.

3. You are not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, exploit, modify or use any content of Mrlipet for profit-making purposes without permission from us. You may not use the Web site for any of the following purposes including but not limited to:
(1)In any way that violates laws, rules, laws, or local decrees of any country.
(2)In any way probably cause damage to mrlipet.com or disturb others using this site.
(3)In any way that is not illegal.

4. We understand you care about your information the most. Mrlipet would protect your privacy and information. All information would be never used except for legitimate use.

5. These terms and conditions were generated from the Mrlipet Support team ( www.mrlipet.com ).

6. The final explanation of the website belongs to the Mrlipet support team. Thanks for reading.