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What are the criteria for a toy that is most beneficial to a Cockatiel?

In order to choose the best toy for chicken parrots, several factors should be considered:

The material of the toy should be safe and will not cause harm to chicken parrots.

Toys should be able to meet the various natural needs of chicken parrots, such as digging, pecking, grinding claws and so on.

Toys should provide enough challenge and stimulation to help parrots use up excess energy.

The size of the toy should be suitable for the size of the chicken parrot, not too big or too small.

Toys should be changed frequently in case the chicken parrot gets bored.

Overall, when choosing a toy for a chicken parrot, you should consider the toy's safety, ability to meet the chicken parrot's natural needs, ability to provide enough stimulation, and proper size.

bHow to train a cockatoo

How to train a cockatoo

How to tell the family's cockatoo, let them know that it is a bird, it should do something that birds should do, not follow us every day to learn, and even what is not allowed to do, but it must do.

Do not let it on the sofa, do not let the bed it, then it likes to run back and forth on the sofa, like to run on your pillow lying, take something to hit it it, but also hide not slow, and sometimes not even hide.

Eating now is not able to also dare to put out, yesterday morning a bowl of millet rice, put on the table did not drink it, go to the kitchen to get the work of pickles, this fellow stood on the millet bowl to start eating, hot ow, and almost fell in, it is reasonable to remember, but not two days to forget again.

Since the time of eating no longer put out, all grabbed into, and later found that when cooking can not be put out, lying on the kitchen refrigerator, waiting, turn around the work can go into the pot, make a cake, just adjusted ready to super mold pour it, take the mold of work, it rushed in, I really want to bake it directly, I do not know if all your birds are like this.

I also have to wait every day to scratch its head, fluttering a little to fly in front of your eyes to come, directly to the head a low, over the front of an arch, start it, scratch it, scratch bad also owl to bite people, hahaha.

But farce is farce, this little guy look or very pleasant, now the family left the 8 are selected down, some time ago a friend introduced a person to, afraid of too small to live, want to 800 yuan to buy one of the larger, did not want to, after all, from childhood, all have feelings, they also recognize me, call them all know to fly over, in addition to very well known friends, to whom is not I don't worry about it.

That's it, now these are kept, raise them for 15 or 16 years, just can not stay more, more can really not raise!