What pets are small, cheap, easy to keep and have no smell?

Pet mink is very good to keep, the little one sleeps about 18 hours very day. Usually do not make a sound. It will go to the toilet at regular intervals, and the IQ is also particularly high. The third IQ of the pet world, the first is of course the dog, the second is the pug, the third is the baby mink. The little mink is humane when it grows up, so it is definitely more fun than raising rats and rabbits. If compared to raising a dog, the little guy is less worried than a dog, will not bark, sleep for a particularly long time every day, especially for working people to raise. The mink has a sense of satiety to eat, not like dogs to share meals, and the mink does not carry the toxoplasmosis of dogs and cats, compared to cats, the mink is closer to people.